Sunday, September 9, 2012

Marc Davis Animation Quote of the Day!

Maleficent by Marc Davis.

A legendary animator, incredible draftsman, and one of Disney's Nine Old Men, Marc Davis is a hall of fame artist in the field of animation.  He was quoted in the book "Illusion of Life" on the loss of Walt Disney.  It's a little window into that historic studio, and the world Walt created.

"Animation is just an incredible medium,'s just waiting for another great leader...and it will be equally great.  And yet, there's something that came out of the Disney point of view, this business of bringing things to life..."

Of course, there can never be another Walt, but today we may have a new type of leader in animation with a similar vision, fearlessness, and a sensibility for entertainment, John Lasseter.  With what he has done at Pixar, and now the greater Disney, it is easy to arguably say that he is a real life answer to this quote by Marc Davis.  The worlds that he has helped create, the atmosphere, the ease of just letting go and being engulfed in the movies he has created is definitely an echo of the old Disney style.  They make you feel something, they bring it alive and make you care about it.

Jeffery Katzenberb (Dreamworks CEO, and former Disney Chairman in the early 90's) deserves an honorable mention here.

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