Friday, November 4, 2011

Gotta love those amazon women!

Here's an odd couple loosely based on some very good fiends of mine. Switching the traditional gender roles, the delicate little lady being protected by the big tough man. It is a fun concept, the 'amazon woman' and her little man. I chose us use 'fuzzies' in the form of a bear and a weasel.

No matter how big and tough a female may be, she is still a lady and needs feel like a little feminine princess from time to time. No exceptions, or sexism intended.

Often, a little man will try to compensate for his small stature with attitude. Napoleon complex.
I heard Napoleon was actually not a small man for his time. Because of measuring
consistencies from the French to English system during his life, Napoleon ended up pegged
with the little man syndrome. An fitting insult to a historical tyrant, right on.

The little guy got in over his head, and she have him enough slack to hang himself. Time to step up to the plate and protect her man.

Enter the amazon woman who takes care of business and supports her man. Good show old girl!

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