Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kitty Study

I think that Chuck Jones has drawn some of the most appealing cartoon characters.

I prefer his work from the middle of his career. His early stuff is a little round, bubbly, and over cute (not quite as fluid, successful, or just plain fun as Bob Clampett's stuff from a similar period and style).

And then Chuck's later stuff got a little too angular, stylized, static, and cruel for my tastes. For example how his evolved of Bugs and Daffy's personalities and actions form their earlier states as energetic pranksters, to lazier bullies and shelfish misers. Of course 'What's Opera Doc' is a master piece of his later work and one of my favorites.

Anyway, Chuck Jones was one the cartoon greats. I did a short study of the Chuck Jones Kitty from the cartoon 'Feed the Kitty', also one of my favorites.

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